Automatic Dryer Control... the complete moisture control solution

The Cypress Evolution Automatic Dryer Controls

The Cypress Evolution system offers advanced Automatic Dryer Controls. A vast improvement over other systems on the market today. Automated control of production redry and overdry veneers with improved moisture distribution come standard.

The industry's only dryer optimization program that is on target all the time.

With user options to fine tune the control and all new algorithms to improve the response, operators can adjust the controls to match their preferences. Over-Dry and Re-Dry are minimized and production is maximized. The Cypress Evolution offers the only Automatic Dryer Controls you need to meet tomorrow's needs today.

Real World Results

Increased production & Improved Mositure Distribution


Real Performance you can see, Real Results you can depend on...


The Automatic Dryer Controls Advantage

Installation of Automatic Dryer Controls provides real time responses to real time results. The Automatic Dryer Controls work 24/7 to improve moisture distribution and optimize the drying efficiency.

Increase production by up to 20%.

No other system on the market has a more proven track record and is more trusted by operators around the world. And now it is even better!

Typical Moisture Distribution Shift

Increase production and improve veneer quality

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