The world-wide leader in Semi-Automatic veneer patching, the Plytec PM100...

The Patchmaster PM100 Semi-Automatic Veneer Patcher

The main idea in veneer patching is to upgrade veneer quality by replacing defected areas with good quality veneer. When this is made by machine, the result is a combination of perfect quality with higher yield and capacity. Neither hard wood nor thick veneers generate any problems for the PM100.

Increase profits with upgraded veneer quality.

Patched veneer is both cost saving and an
ideal replacement for composed core veneer. Patched veneer also matches the technical qualities of totally sound veneer. Simply Put: Patching lowers costs and improves profitability.

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*Elliott Bay is an authorized representative of Plytec Oy, Finland.

Typical Patch Recovery

Assortment of Patch Sizes and Shapes Available

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