The Cypressseries the latest technology and advanced software...

The Cypress Evolution Veneer Moisture Analyzer

The Cypress Evolution system does it faster, better and more consistently than any other veneer moisture detector on the market today. It is the only suitable successor to the original Cypress System and its features make it the perfect upgrade.

The industry's fastest, most repeatable, and most stable moisture detector available today.

With user options to control all aspects of moisture measuring and full control to send those measured signals to various locations in the mill such as PLC's, networked computers and light stacks or ink markers - the Cypress Evolution is the only moisture analyzer you need to meet tomorrow's requirements today.

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Typical Marking / Sorting Patterns

1, 2, 3 Color Marking Options


The original Cypress Heavy Duty legendary performance,affordable price...


The Cypress Heavy Duty Moisture Detector

The Cypress System series veneer moisture detector was the one that started it all. At a time when unreliable and inaccurate moisture meters plagued the industry the Cypress System was a welcomed departure from the competition in 1985. Today the Cypress System has become, and maintains to be, the most trusted veneer moisture detector in the world. Its performance has been tested and proven time and time again, continuing to earn the respect of operators around the world.

Typical Layout of Heavy Duty Frame

Suitable for in-line, high-speed or stand-alone applicatations

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